Call Brian Vs Go Compare – What is Free Excess Cover?

Big brand companies such as Go Compare, are now offering free excess cover (currently up to £250). But are the general public aware of the implications and limits to such an offer? How do you choose a company competing in such a huge marketplace (38.2 million registered cars alone in the UK in 2018).   

Do the current big brand or independent companies, truly ever consider and value the consumer’s best interest’s, or do they just drive away with your money and leave you standing and out of pocket.

The customer journey is at the heart of the Call Brian ethos. 

You just get in the back seat and we do all the driving for you, for free, it’s as easy as that.


What is Free Excess Cover? 

When you purchase any type of vehicle insurance, you normally choose your preferred level of excess, or are even told how much your excess premium will be. (Average premium is up to £250)

If you are unfortunate enough to have a road traffic accident.  This vehicle insurance amount will have to be paid to your insurance company, which they apply against the cost of the claim. 

With more help now than ever before, if you get into a road traffic accident, there are many different companies which can help you, with various slogans and incentives to increase their margins and customer acquisitions.

However, Call Brian is the first company to offer free excess for innocent drivers. 

We use our established industry knowledge, to ensure that you don’t pay a penny. 

No hidden clauses, no extended terms and conditions. 

Just a simple and free service.  

Why should we profit directly from you and your misfortune?


Go Compare

Go Compare now advertise a `free £250 excess cover’, when you make a claim. 

Say, your total excess is £300, you are then obliged to commit to this amount, upfront.

You are then involved in another process to claim that money back, which could take a few months to complete, only receiving up to £250.  So, you the customer is, £50 out of pocket.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a major road traffic accident, then you may be directed to another company, that offers a more substantial payback, due to higher excess demands.

Not really a customer centric, free service at the point of delivery, is it.

Go Compare excess cover offer, includes:

  • Damage to your vehicle – if you are at fault and have comprehensive insurance
  • Fire or theft claims
  • Uninsured driver claims 

Alternatively, you won’t be able to use Go Compare’s excess cover offer for:

  • Claims where you don’t pay an excess fee
  • Repairs to your own vehicle, if you only have third party cover or fire and theft cover
  • As well as damage from breakdown, misfuelling, windscreen repairs and claims outside of the UK


Call Brian

Call Brian is an innovative, customer-centric online accident management system designed to remove the time and expense, that is commonly associated with road traffic accidents. 

Our holistic approach is to use the technology available to us, to ensure that the entire customer journey is simple and free, we reduce our costs, so we don’t need to charge you anything to make money.

Just 10 minutes of your time and we will drive the rest of the process.

Can Brian can tap into a network, that includes well over a quarter of a century of experience in the insurance and accident management industry, on your behalf for free.

Similarly, Call Brian offer completely free excess cover, when you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident. 

It doesn’t matter where you are when you have an accident. We will ensure your car will be professionally and locally repaired by a trained and qualified team. 

  • Why pay for a service that we provide for free?
  • Why pay for an insurance premium, that may not actually benefit you?
  • Let Call Brian do all the work for you.

We are confident that you will get value for money, because you won’t pay a penny.

For further information call us 0800 848 8999

Summary of Call Brian Free Excess Cover:

  • No Limit – If the cost of your excess is much higher than you anticipated, we won’t limit you to an amount of free excess cover.
  • Replacement Car in 2 hours – After an accident we will pick up your damaged car and give you a replacement car, at no cost to you.
  • Repaired to Manufacture Standards – Your Car will be taken to a local repair centre and be professionally repaired by a trained team.