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How large is your Car Insurance Excess?

  • Compulsory excesses on motor insurance polices have risen at a higher rate than inflation since 2012
  • Average amount to pay for accidental damage claims are up 26% to £166
  • GoCompare state too many drivers are opting for high excess amount to keep premiums low
  • In extreme cases, excesses have risen from £475 in 2012 to £3,000 this year


So, how closely do you check your car insurance excess when you renew your insurance?

This is a figure you need to keep a close eye on. Providers are known to be hiking the amount you would need to pay towards a claim by almost a quarter.

GoCompare have found that 67% of drivers that have made a claim on their car insurance have had to resort to raiding their savings accounts, using credit cards, or they simply cannot afford the steep fees.

Many drivers are reluctantly agreeing to pay an additional voluntary excess, in order to keep their premiums as low as possible. However, this has a bad knock on effect with many motorists potentially committing to excess fees that they can not afford – leaving them with a shock if they need to make a claim.

Research shows that just 35% of drivers check policy excess levels when arranging insurance, with the premium price being a higher consideration.

On top of the rising cost of annual premiums, most policies now include an adjustment fee which is payable when an amendment is made to a policy as well as a cancellation charge.


So, how can you avoid the car insurance excess sting ?

If you find yourself stuck for money after an accident and don’t have the funds available to pay your car excess, your insurance company may refuse your claim or deduct the same amount from what they pay towards the vehicle repairs.

So, if you find yourself in a car accident that wasn’t your fault and you are faced with paying an excess fee to get back on the road…


Call Brian will repair your vehicle completely free of charge and claim from the at fault drivers insurance policy the cost of doing so. This means that you will avoid having to pay your car insurance excess and there will be no need to claim on your insurance.

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