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The Different Types of Road Traffic Accident Claims Explained

Road traffic accident claims can be confusing. The impact of an injury can cause much pain and distress. Understanding your legal options is important, but amid the upheaval of a car accident injury, those options may not be clear.

It is worth remembering that the UK’s roads are busy places with high volume traffic. In the year prior to the pandemic, 356.5 billion miles were driven, an all-time high. And while we have some of the safest roads in the world, the (pre-covid) yearly increases in traffic, and the relatively small size of the UK, means there is a significant traffic accident injury every 20 mins.

Being involved in an accident can be a stressful – yet, regrettably, all drivers risk car accident injury. At Call Brian, we understand that traffic accidents are an unfortunate reality of navigating the UK’s roads. So, as the UK’s only automated accident management company, we are committed to making road traffic accident claims a stress-free process.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the most common traffic accident claims to help clarify car accident procedure.


Whiplash Claims

You’re probably familiar with the term whiplash. It’s the common word for a neck related injury resulting from sudden head or neck movements.  However, there are often misunderstandings around its precise definition and the legal claims system.

Confusion around whiplash can arise from the many symptoms with which it is associated. The MoD even commissioned a report to examine the complexities of whiplash.  But accident claimants should note neck stiffness, reduced movement, and tenderness. Those are the prominent symptoms, but accident claims can be made for whiplash when numbness or shooting pains in the arms or hands, blurred vision, muscle spasms and headaches occur.

Recently, the law relating to whiplash traffic accident claims has changed. If your claim is worth less than £5,000, you can no longer recover legal costs. This makes it very difficult to add legal weight behind your claim, since solicitors are paid through these recovered costs. The government have also introduced tariffs on damages awarded to claimants.

Given these law changes, using a claims management company is a wise choice. Call Brian’s accident management service will help you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled.

Since there are numerous symptoms which affect people differently, all whiplash claims differ. The extent of your injury, and the way it impacts your life, will contribute to the value of your claim. If possible, collect evidence and make notes on any losses incurred by your car accident injury pertaining to whiplash. Call Brian can arrange and schedule the medical appointments and paperwork required legally by the governments MedCO system.


Airbag Injury Compensation Claim

If you believe your road traffic accident was the result of a faulty, failing or substandard airbag, then you may have a claim for compensation. This includes both drivers and passengers unfortunate enough to have sustained a car accident injury as a result of an airbag.

If an airbag deflates during either an accident or normal driving, it’s not uncommon for injuries to happen. As recently as 2019, around 3.43 million cars in the UK were known to be using defective airbags.

Frequent injuries include broken bones when airbags fails to inflate, bruising and cuts from steering wheels and dashboards, and chest injuries from the force of impact. If you have endured this type of injury, you have a good claim to compensation. Be aware of injuries not directly or obviously inflicted by insufficient airbag protection or unprompted deployment. Too often, hearing loss, eye infections, burns and lung damage are overlooked, meaning loss of compensation you are legally entitled to claim. These injuries can occur as a result of the powders and repellents used in airbags.

While there is a responsibility on vehicle owners to maintain airbags, claimants need not prove liability when the airbag is flawed in design and manufacturing. If you have had a recent MOT check or vehicle service, a claim involving unmaintained airbags can still be made it may be deemed favourable to your claim.


Seat Belt Injury Compensation Claim

Drivers can sometimes be reluctant to make a road accident claim when the injury occurs from a seat belt. This is because of the crucial protection provided by seatbelts to drivers, resulting in a hesitancy to make a road traffic accident claim when the cause is an integral safety component.

The importance of wearing a seatbelt is inarguable. Seatbelt protection is integral to our transport safety regulations, saving millions from serious injury and potential fatalities. Since they were introduced in 1983, wearing rates have reached near totality, with 98.6% of drivers adhering to this vital law.

There are, of course, exceptions to this law, with certain medical conditions and pre-1983 manufactured vehicles eligible for exemption. And while it may seem counterintuitive to a make car accident injury claim as a result of a safety element, seat belt injury claims are amongst the most frequent of all road traffic compensation cases.

Sometimes, the injury may seem mild in comparison to what may have happened without a seatbelt. But bruising and burns, fractured ribs, and spinal injuries can lead to long term debilitation. People involved in traffic accidents of this nature will obviously feel relieved to have avoided critical injury. However, muscle, ligament and nerve damage can persist in the long-term. Therefore, many people choose to pursue the legal compensation to which they are entitled.

In most instances, a seat belt related claim will depend on proving the negligence of a third party. This could involve dangerous driving and actions of pedestrian or fellow passenger. Faulty seat belts and poorly maintained roads can also result in accidents and injuries that lead to a compensation claim.


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