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How to claim free car hire...


Call 0800 84 88 812 following an accident


We organise free car hire if necessary


We organise your car to be repaired at an approved garage


We provide you with regular updates on your repair


You collect your vehicle

Had an accident and need your car repaired?

If your car has been damaged and is now undriveable, Call Brian. If required, we’ll pick up your damaged car and drop of a like for like replacement vehicle so you can get on with the things you need to do. It wont cost you a penny, NOT even your insurance excess. No credit card payments, no invoices, no hassle.

What if you don’t have my car available?

If we don’t have your exact vehicle available to temporarily replace your damaged vehicle we simply provide you with a like for like replacement. This is provided to you for a long as you need it and will be with you within hours of your accident.

What if I’m not old enough to rent a car?

Driver age is not an issue when using our free car hire service. This is despite the fact most hire companies require the driver to be over 21. A like for like replacement vehicle is arranged for you for as long as you need it. We use the at fault driver’s insurance policy to rent the car on your behalf therefore it does not require you as the customer to be over a certain age to obtain the vehicle.

Who pays for the fuel?

It is up to you to fuel the vehicle during the period of use, just as it with your own car or a standard rental agreement.

Are you a car hire company?

Call Brian can provide replacement vehicles for any cars, on a like for like substitute from nationally recognised car rental companies*. Talk to us about your car needs by giving us a call anytime on 0800 84 88 812 and we’ll be happy to help.

*Please note that we are not a hire company ourselves and your car hire deal will we arranged through the fault driver’s insurance.

How does it work? Call Brian for the following services:

Car and Vehicle Accident Recovery Nationwide – within the hour

Wherever you’d had your accident, we’ll get you and your car recovered – and picked up fast.

We’ll get to you within the hour, we’ll send your car to our local repair centre and we’ll assess the damage and work out the costs. Our free recovery service means you don’t need to worry about getting your car to us, we’ll sort everything out. Simply give us a call and take the stress away.

Your car will be professionally repaired by a trained and qualified team, taking complete care of your vehicle.

Accident Damage Repair

After an accident, our car repair service will give you peace of mind and reassurance. We’ll claim from the insurance policy of the at-fault driver, to pay for the repairs needed to get your car back on the road. We’ll get your car’s damage assessed and we’ll get the go-ahead for the repairs. If you use Call Brian, you won’t have to pay anything… and that means there’ll be no claiming on your insurance, and you won’t have to find the money to pay your car insurance’s excess policy.

Accident Bodywork Repairs

Whether your car has suffered serious accident damage or has only had a small bump… We’ll get your car repaired using the at-fault driver’s insurance policy… We’ll pull out all the stops to get your car bodywork repairs completed and find the best deal for you.

Accident Bumper Repairs

If you’ve had a minor accident that was not your fault, such as a bumper or minor bodywork repair – we’ll still help you. Call Brian will get you booked into our local repair specialists to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Book your car in for a repair today